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French TA Site

See Analyse for an interesting TA resource in French.

This site contains resources for Transactional Analysis trainees and others interested in TA, particularly in the UK: 

for Transactional Analysis Students

These resources will hopefully help boost your studies and make the preparation of the complex assignments, transcripts and case studies a little easier.

My own current favourite books are:

And the and the most from these non-TA books:

And the biggest help for couples work from:

for Others interested in TA

The very best introduction to TA is attend a weekend  "TA 101" course, where you'll be introduced to fundamental ideas of TA by a qualified trainer in a psychologically safe and supportive environment. These are really enjoyable and give you a very sound grounding of the basics of TA.

You are strongly recommended to book yourself on to a course. Any of TA Training Centres listed here will run TA101 courses a few times a year.

You can also get a quickie introduction to some of basic ideas of Transactional Analysis by looking at some of the Introduction to TA videos

Alternatively, you might want to look at some of the wide range of TA Books available. The best current introductions at the moment are possibly: