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The TA Twitter Community

If you want to find TA practitioners on Twitter, search for the TA topic #transactionalanalysis and then see who they follow, or see prominent TA twitters like @leilanimitchel or I tweet as @talkingtherapy.

Alternatively, I've complied an (incomplete) list of 74 (probably more now) TA tweeps (people that tweet - yes, it can be a bit cute at times - don't let that put you off:


Why would TA professionals use Twitter

Would Eric Berne tweet? Yes, of course he would. Not about the contents of his breakfast or his latest paramour, but about the things that interested him: people, ideas, gossip, and of course, self promotion. 

Twitter is people communicating by sending out short messages. Berne was a communicator.  Transactional Analysis has to communicate.

Twitter is a central tool in the new Social Media, but "social" is a bit of a misnomer. It has been co-opted by work and is now as much about professional networking, ideas exchanging and referral lead generation. 

So here are ten reasons why you should tweet ... in no particular order, it will:

  1. Maintain contacts with professional colleagues
  2. Expand your network of professional colleagues
  3. Let you showcase your expertise to a wider audience 
  4. Help develop and live your professional identify (it's not just for CTA)
  5. Let you dominate a particular niche (especially when combined with a focused blog, to become a source of news in your practice area, either as the generator of original opinion or research, or as a curator - sifting out the wheat from the chaff - by the way this site, TAStudent, is an example of a mainly curated site, bringing together other people's stuff)
  6. Focus you on how visible you are by tracking what mentions you are getting (you may not want to be visible, but that's not necessarily your choice, you maybe talked about)
  7. Help you find extra content to improve the value of your website
  8. Drive traffic to your website (if you mention it in tweets)  
  9. Improve the search ending ranking of your website (because more traffic)
  10. Introduce you to unexpected connections and threads, opening you to serendipity and chance

Tools to help you tweet

There are a huge number of Twitter tools for all sorts of things. See this map of the Twitterverse which tries to simplify all the different things you can do with Twitter and the different apps that exist to to help. 

At the very lest you'll need a good twitter dashboard (aka "client") for your PC, laptop, netbook, tablet and/or smartphone (Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows phone). These will also usually connect you with your accounts on other social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc). I use TweetDeck on my PCs and Twidroyd on my Android smartphone, but it's a personal choice.

Here's a recent 2011 list of the many different Twitter tools available. Don't be put off by the large number - notice instead the huge effort going into Twitter, and pick a couple that would help you.

Speaking Twitter

There's not much to it. These are the main things:

@ = Someone's Twitter account name, eg, @talkingtherapy

# = hashtag = a topic you want to say your tweet is about, eg, 


        #FF (Follow Friday - you recommendations on who to follow on Twitter)

        These are only semi official, and you can make your own up for your workshop or conference
        though you'll need to tell people what it is, eg, to tweet about this site, use #tastudent

Some topics are regular features, such #FF = Follow Friday (recommending people to follow)

RT = Retweet - forwarding someone's tweet to all your twitter follwers

DM = Direct Message = A tweet to only one person (start a message like this:
         d @talkingtherapy to message someone directly)